iEarnBot SCAM

If you are a victim of iEarnBot scam please fill in the form below:

The European Center for Legal Education and Research (ECLER), through its Cybersecurity Program, started research on one of the largest global crypto-financial criminal organized groups acting behind “iEARN Bot” (, with an online application available at 

The entire operation is, in fact, only a scam/ponzi scheme.

The fake “company” is misleadingly associated with JAY LITKEY – Executive Vice President of the Cloud Management Business Unit at Snow Software (

ECLER has found out that some global vulnerabilities like the general lack of education and information about the crypto markets and the high profits that they have (presumably) generated made many people, most of them quite well educated, to invest in the iEARN Bot scam for rapid income, in a moment when the global market is in recession and there is a surplus of personal funds. The risks in front of this type of criminality are very high.

iEARN Bot scam modus operandi is very interesting. They convince trustful people to open this business in a specific country (“open a country“) and then to further promote it at national level, offering them immediate and important income in order to show the potential investors the opportunities of this supposedly “AI trading application”. After about half a year, when the investors start to withdraw funds beyond the new entries of real money from new investors conned into joining the scam, they close the scam in that country and disappear with all the investments, opening the scam in other countries. iEARN Bot criminal gang has people infiltrated in the Telegram or WhatsApp national discussion groups and they take control of discussions, usually turning the investors against the country leader or pretending that they have good lawyers that will file the complaints in the name of the victims. In fact, their aim is to save the iEARN Bot scam in front of the investors, blaming the country leader, and to stop any legal complaints against the so-called  “company”.


iEARN Bot scam is promoted as being established in the United States at the end of 2018 and having technology valued at US$850 million!

In reality, there is not a legally established crypto trading entity behind this criminal scheme. A game configurable by different clients was promoted as an artificial intelligence (AI) application that trades cryptocurrencies.

The iEarn Bot criminal organization, acting globally, pretends to use an AI application to trade (at least) 10 crypto currencies: BTC, ETH, DOGE, GMT, DOT, LINK, SOL, GALA, SHIB, APE.

At December 10 of 2022, they seem to have investments of about 7 billion USDT coming from the general global public that was lied to and misinformed about this scam-application. The trading bots active on their platform are as follows (see photos below):

  • 978,371 bots of 30 USDT = 29,351,130 USDT
  • 438,116 bots of 150 USDT = 65,717,400 USDT
  • 572,390 bots of 500 USDT = 286,195,000 USDT
  • 465,252 bots of 2,500 USDT = 1,163,130,000 USDT
  • 517,830 bots of 10,000 USDT = 5,178,300,000 USDT
  • 1,363 bots of 100,000 USDT = 136,300,000 USDT



Currently (start of 2023), in order to increase the number of global investors robbed of their funds, the IEARN Bot scam promotes special offers (!) as follows:

  • Investments of 500-999 USDT – 300 USDT free
  • Investments of 1,000-4,999 USDT – 700 USDT free
  • Investments of 5,000-9,999 USDT – 4,000 USDT free
  • Investments of 10,000-99,999 USDT – 9,000 USDT free
  • Investments of 100,000+ USDT – 100,000 USDT free


Please help us raise awareness about this global scam called iEarnBot and collect information from victims in order to have an investigation against this international criminal group.


ECLER collects information from victims of iEARN Bot scam through an online form available in several languages:

in order to send an international complaint to the competent authorities to investigate this global organized criminal network.


You can also join the Telegram group that gathers global victims of this scam:


Please ask the victims to cooperate with ECLER, filling in the above form and/or sending any evidence they may have to: [email protected]


The personal data collected by ECLER is fully protected. If needed, they will be shared ONLY with the criminal investigation authorities based on the victim’s specific consent.


ECLER welcomes any researchers and experts to join our working group on the fight against

iEARN Bot scam criminal group.