Redirect 3.5% of your income tax to ECLER

Want to help improve the future through education, research and engagement?

Come join us! Get involved now in strengthening the fight against human trafficking by redirecting 3.5% of your income tax to ECLER!

We educate about the dangers of the global scourge of human trafficking, we make proposals for public policies and changes in legislation, we organize trainings on this topic with professionals, we go to the grassroots in schools and high schools, we involve volunteers who want to help, we cooperate with international institutions, embassies, higher education institutions, legal clinics and internationally prestigious foundations. We conduct field research, publish independent reports, and bring aggregated information to the public from data that is not readily available to the general public.

ECLER is a non-profit entity, an NGO established in 2014, initiator of the RoTIP Network and an active member of the Romanian civil society.

The redirection of the 3.5% percentage of income tax represents the right of every person who earns taxable income to get involved and support the projects in which they believe. At the moment, the state does not finance activities that support the initiatives of an NGO of the ECLER profile. To remain an independent and impartial organization – we wouldn’t want that either. That’s why everyone’s support is very important for us, in order to be able to achieve the things we believe in and that we consider necessary for Romanian society at this moment.

Funds can now help prevent and combat one of the cruelest and most savage scourges of humanity – human trafficking.

Your contribution, by redirecting the 3.5% of income tax, can significantly help support our activities. Together we can reach more of our children, more of the professionals who work in fields directly affected by the themes pursued by ECLER. Your contribution can help shape a better society, adapted to the needs of young people and the evolution of modern society.

We would also appreciate it if you would share this message with your family, friends and colleagues.

Together, with a minimum of effort, we can contribute to the education of future generations, to the reduction of the phenomenon of human trafficking, to the better training of professionals in the field, just by redirecting 3.5% of the income tax to ECLER.

Fill in Form 230 with your personal details and sign it by 25 May current year.

You can do this in one of the 3 ways below:


Form 230 completed by you and submitted by ECLER

Fill in the data for the form and ECLER takes care of the rest! We will generate the form for you and send it to ANAF by the deadline, so that 3.5% of your income tax is automatically redirected to ECLER projects.
Fill in the online form

I want to fill in and file Form 230 myself

The form can be submitted in person at the ANAF headquarters to which you belong with domicile, sent by courier or by registered mail.

You can find here the list of financial administrations.

Download the form pre-filled with ECLER data (there is no need to fill in the amount, it will be automatically calculated by ANAF):

I want to fill in and submit Form 230 online (via SPV)

Form can be uploaded online through SPV (Spațiul Privat Virtual). Fill in the smart form with your personal data, select “Entitate nonprofit”, then fill in ECLER’s tax data:

  • Cod identificare fiscală: 33665922
  • Denumire: Asociația Centrul European pentru Educație și Cercetare Juridică
  • Cont bancar IBAN: RO80BTRLRONCRT0290549301

Fill in with the 3,5%, validate form and upload it to your SPV.

You will need the free Adobe Reader application to fill in the form.