ECLERhubs brings together local groups of active professionals who want to get involved in human trafficking awareness and prevention activities. The first activities were prepared for October 2023, in order to celebrate the EU Anti-Trafficking in Persons Day (October 18).
The ECLER Ambassadors also act within ECLERhubs, a program that brings together young people (pupils and students) who want to be actively involved in the prevention of human trafficking under the coordination of ECLER. The ambassadors will be prepared to carry out information activities, film viewing, role play, as well as involvement in the organization of county/local activities to celebrate the EU Anti-Trafficking in Persons Day (18 October), the International Human Rights Day (10 December) and Freedom Day (March 16), joining these global movements.
These two communities will support each other and act together in order to organize information events and prevent human trafficking.

Together we are stronger!

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Resources available for download:

  1. Didactic project – human trafficking (extended manual)
  2. Presentation – human trafficking (secondary school level)
  3. Presentation – human trafficking (high school level)

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