Training Academy against Human Trafficking

As Romania will be, in the near future, the second largest Schengen land border, it is important to establish in this region an informal network of professionals able to efficiently cooperate against transnational organized crime.

The lack of professional training for the main actors involved in combating human trafficking and smuggling at local and regional levels, as well as the misinterpretation and different application of the international legal provisions determined us to establish a professional training program, focused on the Black See Region and surroundings. Furthermore, we could not identify a regional intensive training program on human trafficking and smuggling in Europe. The European Law Academy is the only institution that offers specialized training in this field, but it is open only for EU citizens and does not provide it on regular bases.

This project aims to use good practices from the Human Trafficking Academy of Miami, Florida – USA. The training program has demonstrated that a regional common approach in investigation and informal cooperation against organized crime is very effective. The personal-level networking developed among the participants is another beneficial aspect that was revealed from that regional project.