Vision & Mission


European Center for Legal Education and Research is a non-profit organization that promotes human rights, democracy and the rule of law.


Our mission is to contribute to the elimination of human rights violations in Europe through research, advocacy, education, training and community organizing.


Our vision is a world where every individual enjoys the full spectrum of human rights, living free from exploitation, violence, and discrimination. We envision a society where human dignity is upheld, and every person has the opportunity to thrive in a safe and just environment.

In pursuit of this vision, ECLER is dedicated to eradicating human trafficking in all its forms. We aspire to create a world where no one is subjected to modern-day slavery, where the rights and freedoms of every person are respected and protected. Our commitment extends to raising awareness, preventing trafficking, providing support and rehabilitation for survivors, and advocating for stronger legal frameworks to address and punish perpetrators.

We envision communities empowered with knowledge, resources, and the collective will to combat human trafficking. Through collaborative efforts with governments, law enforcement agencies, civil society, and other stakeholders, we aim to build a global network that works tirelessly to dismantle the structures that enable human trafficking. Our vision encompasses a society that values and safeguards the rights of every individual, irrespective of their background, gender, age, or socio-economic status.

As we strive for a world free from human trafficking, we concurrently work towards the broader realization of human rights. Our vision includes fostering a culture of inclusivity, equality, and justice, where the inherent dignity of every person is recognized and protected. We believe that by promoting human rights, we contribute to the foundation of a just and compassionate world, ultimately breaking the cycle of vulnerability that can lead to human trafficking.

Through education, advocacy, and direct intervention, ECLER envisions creating a lasting impact on the lives of individuals affected by trafficking, as well as on the broader societal attitudes and structures that perpetuate these violations. We envision a future where our work becomes obsolete because the world has collectively rejected human trafficking, and human rights are universally upheld.