Human Security Program

Coordinator: juris. dr. Silvia-Maria Tăbuşcă


The “Human Security” Program aims to promote European and national public policies in order to enhance the individual well-being, personal security and respect for human dignity by monitoring three dimensions: the freedom from fear, the freedom from want, and the freedom of each person to live in dignity.

This Program implements projects on human trafficking, irregular migration, refugees’ protection, forced labor, non-discrimination, corporate social responsibility, and on other challenges that can contribute to individual security.

ECLER has launched and coordinates the National Working Group against Human Trafficking and Smuggling.



Useful materials for research on trafficking in persons:

1. Decisions of the courts (in the field of trafficking in persons, adults and minors, and prosecution for the period 2016-2019 and in the matter of trafficking in persons, adults and minors, for the period 2010-2015).
Access to these decisions is allowed to any interested person, following a motivated request sent to [email protected]

2. New project of National Mechanism for Identification and Referral (MNIR) of victims of human trafficking

3. Presentation – ANITP reports 30-50% less victims of human trafficking, Romanian citizens, than the real numbers according to EUROSTAT and national reports


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