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RoUa: Dignity4Disability (RoUa-D4D) is a project implemented by ECLER and funded by ARISE Foundation. Through this project we support refugees with disabilities at risk of being trafficked.

In early March 2022, when the conflict in Ukraine escalated, ECLER, with the support of ARISE Foundation, was able to rescue from the conflict zone 2 groups of persons with disabilities – the most vulnerable refugees. Currently, most of their hometowns are occupied and their homes destroyed.

The first group of 24 persons with disabilities entered Romania on March 17, 2022 and another group of 19 children and adults on March 30, 2022. ECLER transported them from the UA border to shelters that provided specialized accommodation for persons with disabilities. Since their arrival, ECLER helped the refugees facilitating access to all basic needs and monitored how their rights are being respected, mainly in the state facilities. ECLER also advocated for better protection and integration procedures for refugees with disabilities at national level and organized informal discussions on the risks and indicators of human trafficking.

On the 28th of June, 2022 ECLER received information about a potential case of human trafficking in the Czech Republic, where a Ukrainian family (mother and daughter) moved from Romania. The mother was recruited through loverboy modus operandi and the indicators of transfer to exploitation were clearly present.

ECLER, with the support of INTERPOL Lyon and the National Czech Police, was able to rescue both the mother and the daughter exactly when the violence against them started and 2 men came to take them from their apartment. They are safe, having their assistance and protection needs well covered. A potential transnational criminal network acting among the Ukrainian refugees’ community to recruit women and girls and exploit them mainly in Austria and Germany is investigated.


Trainings (2022, September 26 – 27 and October 07 – 08) (2×25 participants) – within the RoUA-D4D project ECLER will organize two trainings on detection and reporting of potential cases of sexual based violence and human trafficking among Ukrainian refugees with 50 representatives of social workers from child protection system. The training presents specific potential cases of human trafficking identified among Ukrainian refugees, focusing on the OSCE and GRETA (Council of Europe) recommendations on prevention of human trafficking, as well as the EU guideline on temporary protection with its specific references to THB. The training will be delivered in Romanian and hosted by the Romanian-American University’s Center for Human Rights and Migration (1B Expozitiei Blvd., Bucharest). Participants from outside Bucharest will be accommodated at Ramada Parc Hotel (3 Poligrafiei Blvd., Bucharest).

The training agenda may be consulted below:




Dmytro and his mother Iryna flew Ukraine’s Krivoi Rog region when the war started. Iryna, a single mother, came to Romania desperate to protect her child from the war and in hope of offering him the chance of a better future.

Dmytro is a 16yo Ukrainian boy with many dreams. He is dedicated to do well in school and he is passionate about sports. He loves horses and he has a kind heart.

Dmytro’s main dream is to have no lesser ability to do things than any hearing child. He developed hearing loss and the last medical investigation shows that if he won’t be put forward for cochlear implants, in about 5 years from now his hearing will be completely lost.

Dmytro is eager to follow his sports passion and be able to live a normal life that every child has the right to, outside Ukraine’s war zone.


Please see below Iryna and Dmytro’s kind request for support.

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