The ECLER programs – thematic programs on permanent bases. Within these programs we can subscribe the majority of the activities initiated, organized or supported by ECLER. The program coordinators are ECLER members which supervise the activities encompassed in their respective program. The program coordinators are persons with vast experience in the respective field, with a prestigious reputation and having proven competencies regarding organizing skills, team work and motivation.

ECLER also organizes and supports other activities found compatible with its mission and objectives. In case of an increased frequency of a certain other type of specific activities focused on a topic of interest different from the already established programs, ECLER will establish a new program.

Coordinator: Alice MARTIȘ Program motto: “Build the life you want!“ This ECLER program is a personal development program that addresses people who want to make a difference in their life, exceeding their limits to win the game of life. The program addresses the following topics: – personal introspection and discovery, […]

Personal Development Program

Coordinator: juris. dr. Silvia-Maria Tăbuşcă   The “Human Security” Program aims to promote European and national public policies in order to enhance the individual well-being, personal security and respect for human dignity by monitoring three dimensions: the freedom from fear, the freedom from want, and the freedom of each person […]

Human Security Program

Coordinator: Katalin Barbara KIBEDI   The „Rule of Law and Anticorruption” program aims to promote public policies able to contribute to a better decision-making process transparency and to a better government. Under the auspice of the program we organize public events and research studies in order to identify viable solutions for […]

Rule of Law and Anticorruption Program

Coordinator: Alexandru TĂBUȘCĂ The program addresses the diversity of cybersecurity issues that are present today in all aspects of our lives. ECLER organizes different activities and events in the field of cybersecurity, as part of the modern acceptation of the human security concept. Useful links: UNODC Teaching Guide for Lecturers Using […]

Cybersecurity Program

Coordinator: [tbn]   This program aims to promote at national level the idea of ethics and correctness. The activities organized under the auspices of this program are mainly part of the general topics of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.  

Business Ethics and CSR Program

Coordinator: juris. dr. Silvia-Maria TĂBUȘCĂ This program has as main objective promoting, at national level, a legal culture aiming to encourage respect for the rule of law, civic responsibility and democratic constitutional values. The activities organized under this program are part of the National Movement for Promoting Legal Education, initiated […]

Legal Education Program