To mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, 18 NGOs working in the field of fighting trafficking in human beings and protecting survivors have set up an informal network since 30 July 2020. Although Romania is the European country with the largest number of exploited citizens, so far there has been no network of NGOs to operate in the field.

The RoTIP network aims at effective cooperation with the main actors in the field of human trafficking, at both national and international level, the exchange of THB expertise in order to monitor and improve the public policies and operational interventions, to improve the level of training for public servants and magistrates, to increase awareness of the phenomenon of trafficking in vulnerable groups, to improve legislation to effectively fight organized crime and confiscate the proceeds of crime, to increase the capacity of immediate assistance offered to survivors of trafficking in human beings, taking into account the specific needs of each victim, reducing Romania’s status as country of origin of most victims of trafficking in human beings exploited in Europe and the Middle East.

The network was established at the initiative of the European Center for Legal Education and Research, with the support of the ”Agen?ia de Dezvoltare Comunitar? Împreun?” Foundation.

Members of RoTIP, at the present time, are the following entities:

  1. Asocia?ia Centrul European pentru Educa?ie ?i Cercetare Juridic?
  2. Funda?ia Agen?ia de Dezvoltare Comunitar? Împreun?
  3. Asocia?ia Serviciul Iezui?ilor pentru Refugia?i din România
  4. Asocia?ia Solwodi România
  5. Funda?ia Reaching Out
  6. Funda?ia Freedom House România
  7. Asocia?ia Centrul Syene pentru Educa?ie
  8. Asocia?ia Valoare Plus
  9. Funda?ia Micu Bogdan
  10. Asocia?ia Front
  11. Asocia?ia Centrul de Advocacy ?i Drepturile Omului
  12. Asocia?ia Ini?iativa pentru Justi?ie
  13.  Asocia?ia Femeilor Românce din Italia
  14. Asocia?ia Cultural Social? Economic? Christiana
  15. Asocia?ia liberatEd
  16. Asocia?ia pentru Cooperarea ?i Dezvoltare Durabil?
  17. Funda?ia Centrul de Mediere ?i Securitate Comunitar?
  18. Asocia?ia Romanian Women’s Lobby
  19. Asocia?ia Societatea de Analize Feministe
  20. Asocia?ia Sexul vs. Barza


Any NGO interested in the activity of RoTIP or in joining/supporting our network is welcome to contact the secretariat of ECLER at [email protected].


See the RoTIP public stands inside section ADVOCACY