TineRi Educați, Nu Dezinformați! (Educated Youth, Not Misinformed!)

The TREND project envisages the following main activities:

  • Organizing workshops for youth in the rural and small-urban areas, on the topic of detecting false news (fake news)
  • Organizing workshops on community organizing with representatives of local authorities and youth
  • Launch and management of a youth video clips competition, which present local community problems
  • Preparation of volunteer students, formed as trainers in the field of identifying fake news and community organizing, through workshops and training sessions in Bucharest

Project Manager – Eliza CHIRILĂ-POP

Contact: [email protected]

All details of the project are available of the dedicated website:
Project implemented with the financial support of the Civic Innovation Fund, a program developed by the Foundation for the Development of the Civil Society in partnership with the Romanian-American Foundation, with the support of Enel Romania and Ursus Breweries (